Possession of Child Pornography Cases

These investigations and allegations are very emotionally charged, and carry a great deal of shame for our clients. It is critical that you have counsel with experience in both state and federal court on these cases, as the state has the discretion to have the federal government take over your case. Having experienced counsel represent you if you find yourself the target of this type of investigation is key, given the significance for example to have counsel prepare you for a sexual deviancy evaluation. Michele has represented numerous clients in both state and federal court on these charges, some of which have presented with a chronic mental health diagnosis as well.  The sentencing ranges in federal court on this type of offense are very high.  It is critical that your lawyer understand not only how to navigate the legal process on your behalf, but also how to humanize you both to the prosecutor and to the court. Michele has had excellent outcomes in these cases.

Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative (SSOSA) Cases

Despite its harsh sentencing laws, Washington does have treatment options for individuals who admit to committing a sex offense. For certain individuals, this treatment can be a viable option to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. The first step is obtaining an effective evaluation. Michele has assisted many individuals charged with sex offenses find the right treatment provider. Once you are connected with a treatment provider, Michele will help you prepare for your evaluation, understand the process, and succeed in your treatment program. This alternative is only available for certain offenses. If you have a question about whether you qualify for SSOSA, contact Michele so she can evaluate your case.

Domestic Violence Cases

When a complainant calls 911, and a domestic violence report is made, someone will be arrested. Law enforcement claims they must arrest one of the parties involved. Law enforcement will identify the victim and the suspect. The suspect will be removed from what is often their residence and taken to jail to await a court hearing. It doesn’t matter if the victim doesn’t want the alleged suspect removed, or if neither party called the police – many of these cases start with neighbors calling the police after they hear a loud argument.

If you or a family member is arrested for a domestic violence offense, contact Michele immediately. Having her at your first court appearance can change the course of your entire case. She is often able to convince the court of why some contact is necessary between the parties when parents are involved and there are children in the home. It is impossible to run a home, or often a business, when the parties cannot communicate. She has represented hundreds of clients charged with domestic violence, and many of them never committed an act of physical violence toward their partner, family member, or loved one.

Convictions for domestic violence are viewed very seriously by many employers at this time. It is absolutely critical to have counsel who can zealously represent you on this type of case.