Sexual Assault and Child Pornography cases

Juvenile sexual assault cases are among the most serious cases handled in the juvenile court system. Michele is often contacted by families when someone has made an allegation of sexual assault against their child. It is often critical to the outcome of the case to start a defense investigation as soon as possible. A proactive approach in these cases is a necessity.

Youth convicted of sexual assault and child pornography offenses are often ordered to register as sex offenders until they successfully complete treatment and can prove they are no longer a danger to the community.

Michele previously supervised the Juvenile Sexual Assault Unit of the King County Prosecutor’s office and is passionate about her work in this area.

Post-conviction Motions on Sexual Assault Cases

Michele also represents young people when it is time for them to file a Motion to Revoke their obligation to register as a sex offender along with a Motion to Seal their criminal file. She is very experienced in this area and has had a tremendous amount of success.

Violent Offenses

Michele has extensive experience in representing juveniles accused of violent offenses such as murder, assault, and domestic violence. In many of these cases, she has had to fiercely litigate a motion to have the youth remain in juvenile court rather than being tried as an adult. In many of these serious cases, the youth had only a minor role. It is critical to have the expertise to extricate the youth from co-respondents who may have played a much bigger role in the case.

Disciplinary Actions & School Threats

With all the media attention given to violence in schools, administrators are increasingly strict in reacting to disruptive behavior or threats of violence. Carefully navigating the complex system of school discipline procedures can determine whether your child remains in school  or is charged with a crime. Michele is experienced in defending young people accused of violating school policies. She is also experienced in negotiating outcomes that will not be a part of your child’s permanent record.