About Michele Shaw Law

Michele’s approach to criminal defense is focused on you, the client. Some attorneys see only the case and the legal issues they are presented with. Michele takes the time to evaluate your individual personality, needs, and goals. Formulating a plan to match your priorities with the available legal remedies is always first and foremost in Michele’s mind.

Michele also believes in focusing on the whole person. In many cases, individuals facing criminal charges are also addressing personal hardships. By working together with therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals, Michele helps ensure her clients receive both justice and appropriate treatment to create a better outcome.

Mission Statement

No client has the same story. We’re proud to represent people from diverse backgrounds.

Sometimes cultural differences or language barriers can lead to misunderstanding or criminal charges. Michele always takes the time to learn each individual client’s perspective and integrate that information into her defense. Michele has experience representing individuals from a wide range of cultural and religious backgrounds. Her clients have come from Afghanistan, Africa, China, Colombia, Europe, India, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, the Philippines, and elsewhere.

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Michele Shaw

Michele has built her practice as a defense attorney around helping people find the right legal counsel during difficult times in their lives. She is especially passionate about representing clients with complex mental health presentations.

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