Juvenile Defense

Fighting for your Child’s Future

Early intervention is the key to your child’s future. If you suspect your child has done something that may be a crime, you should contact a criminal attorney immediately. Engaging a attorney even before your child is charged with a crime can protect your child’s future.

Early Intervention

Michele recognizes that your child’s future is dependent not just on the outcome of his or her criminal case, but also on resolving core problems. This approach focuses on early intervention and includes:

  • Referrals to appropriate community resources.
  • Reaching out to investigating officers and the prosecutor’s office to mitigate or prevent the filing of charges.
  • Connecting your child with treatment and rehabilitation programs that can positively impact the outcome of his or her case.

A good plan can also reduce the likelihood that your child will be taken into custody and held in detention if charges are filed.

The Juvenile Criminal Process

Our The Juvenile Criminal Process page has general information for parents, examples of criminal penalties for juvenile offenses, and details on Court Hearings, Decline Hearings, Deferred Disposition and Diversion.

Specific Juvenile Offenses

Post Conviction Relief

It is a common misconception that juvenile crimes will just disappear when a child turns eighteen. Any crime can affect your child’s ability to enter college, get a job, or find housing. Most juvenile criminal records remain open to the public, including schools, potential employers and landlords, until they are sealed by a Superior Court Judge.

Michele's Approach to Juvenile Defense

The Juvenile criminal system is complex and scary. Professional guidance is vital to ensuring that you and your child know all your options. An experienced attorney like Michele who is familiar with all the programs available in juvenile court can improve the chances of a favorable outcome for your child.

Her approach to juvenile criminal defense has one objective: No Repeat Clients.