Federal Sex Offenses

Possession of Child Pornography

The prevention of the exploitation of children is one of the highest priorities for law enforcement across the county. Law enforcement agencies devote immense resources to locating and prosecuting individuals who commit crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children. These crimes involve a wide array of conduct and most often include an electronic transmission. Both local agencies and the Federal Government actively seek out people committing these crimes. This includes engaging people through chat rooms and other media and attempting to entice them to receive or share child pornography. On occasion, individuals who are seeking out legal pornography receive child pornography mixed into “batches” of legal pornography. Because the transmission of these materials involve the transmission of child pornography through electronic transmission, they become the basis for a Federal Investigation. If you have received child pornography through a web device (computer, cell phone, gaming console, etc.), it is possible you may be the subject of an investigation. If you have been contacted by a law enforcement officer, local detective, Federal Agents, or anyone asking you questions about possession of child pornography, it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately. These allegations may affect your employment, immigration status, liberty, and family. If there are young children living in the home of the individual alleged to have accessed child pornography, child protective services may become involved.

Federal Charges

If you have been involved in transmitting or receiving Child Pornography through the internet or via mail, the Federal Government could be investigating your actions. Federal Agents stationed all across the county infiltrate all web media and create “sting” operations to entice people to view or share Child Pornography. They may pose as individuals in chat rooms, claiming to have child pornography to share. Sometimes the Government violates people’s rights during these operations. If you have received a Target Letter, or have been contacted by anyone representing the Federal Government, contact and attorney immediately. Michele has represented many people targeted by the Federal Government for violations of these laws.