Drug Conspiracies and Drug Trafficking

Drug conspiracies are one of the most common types of Federal Investigations. The Government spends enormous amounts of time and money investigating drug crimes. Agents will track suspects over state lines, tap phones, infiltrate drug organizations with confidential informants, and take video surveillance of suspected drug transactions to trap suspected drug offenders. Federal penalties for drug offenses often include lengthy mandatory minimum sentences and increase if any weapons are involved in the offense.


If you possess marijuana in Washington State you are not protected from Federal Charges. The Federal Government views marijuana as an illegal drug. There is currently no clear statement from the Federal Government on how they will respond to individuals who possess marijuana under Washington’s recreational use law. However, the Federal Government can, and does, prosecute marijuana offenses.

Money Laundering

Money laundering is the process by which individuals conceal or disguise the proceeds of their crimes or convert those proceeds into goods and services. Money laundering can allow people to move their money into the general stream of commerce for the purpose of severing a trail connected to the originating illegal activity.