Criminal Defense

Early Intervention

Whether you are being investigated by local law enforcement or the Federal Government, the potential penalties can be severe. When a criminal investigation begins the police and prosecutor are already working towards a conviction. Whether you or your child is facing criminal charges or is the subject of an investigation, the Law Offices of Michele Shaw has the resources, expertise and compassion to guide you through this difficult process. Without an attorney, you and your family are not protected. Michele will work to ensure that prosecutors, police, and detectives see all the information about an allegation, not just the information that supports their case. Michele and her staff will provide you and your family with the support you need to face this difficult period of life.

Criminal Penalties

Everyone fears serving jail or prison time and perhaps losing a job. Most people are not aware that a mere criminal arrest can prevent you from obtaining housing or employment. Even an allegation that a crime has occurred can result in a referral to child protective services or cause negative immigration consequences. Having an attorney intervene early can help protect you and mitigate the consequences of a criminal investigation. Michele will meet with you to review all your options and provide an aggressive defense.

The Criminal Process

The resolution of a criminal case can take months, even years. Every juvenile and adult charged with a crime has the choice of how to resolve his or her case. Cases are generally resolved by way of dismissal, negotiation or trial,although in some cases other creative resolutions are available. When an attorney engages in plea bargaining he or she is arguing to the prosecutor that a case should be dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge or for lower penalties than the prosecutor would like. If a case proceeds to trial the attorney is arguing to a jury that the client did not commit the crime alleged. In some cases this means arguing for a lesser offense in lieu of a not guilty verdict. Michele has twenty-five years of experience in the criminal justice system as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. She knows the ins and outs of the negotiation and trial processes. Michele will educate you about all your options and help you achieve the best possible result in your individual circumstances.

Fees and Services

The cost of defending a criminal charge varies greatly depending on the type of charge, the number of witnesses involved, whether experts or investigators are required, whether the case requires significant travel, and whether it is resolved prior to trial. During your initial consultation Michele will evaluate the needs or your case and provide you with an estimate of the cost of your defense.
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