About Michele Shaw Law

Michele Shaw’s philosophy and approach to criminal defense is focused on the client as a whole. While many attorneys see only the case and the legal issues they are presented with, Michele takes the time to evaluate each client’s individual personality, needs, and goals. Formulating a plan to match the client’s priorities with the available legal remedies is always first and foremost in Michele’s mind.

Michele’s approach is a collaborative one with each member of the office, client, and family. Michele, Sienna, and Ariella are each always aware of every client’s case and potential problems that may arise. One member of our team is always available to answer questions or professionally handle a crisis if one comes to pass.

An important part of Michele’s philosophy is coordinating with other professionals in a client’s life. In many cases, individuals facing criminal charges are also addressing personal hardships. Working together with therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals is an integral part of ensuring that a client is receiving the appropriate treatment and can achieve their goals with respect to the trajectory of their case.